The Egyptian Human Resources Management Association (EHRMA) has been serving the HR profession in Egypt since its inception in the year 2000. With almost 20 years in service, reviewing the association’s service suite to its valued members on the corporate and individual levels appears to be a necessity for ensuring the sustainability of the association in pursuit of its mission:
Regulate, develop, and support the HR profession as an integral component of the social and economic development in Egypt and the Region.
and Vision:
A world-class professional association internationally recognized as the voice and reference of the HR profession in Egypt and the Region.
We rely on our valued HR Professionals to provide EHRMA with a solid member base that gives significance to our existence and drives our strategies and growth plans. To this end, on behalf of EHRMA Board of Directors; We have the pleasure to share with you the benefits of your “Professional/Individual/Student Membership” with the association effective Date until December 2020:

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