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benefits of your “Student Membership” with the association:

    1. The annual membership qualifies you to enjoy EHRMA’s full benefits and services, take part as an active member on the association’s various bodies and vote in the general assembly elections.
    2. Your will receive special discounts on EHRMA learning and development programs and HR Accreditation/Certificate programs.
    3. You can enhance your HR leadership practices and gain proper visibility and recognition within your organization and industry-wide by becoming a leading member within EHRMA’s professional groups.
    4. You will be eligible to EHRMA’s various Insurance Programs covering pension, life, medical, and professional liability coverage.
    5. You will enjoy a “featured profile” status on our Job Board career services; based on your choice.
    6. You will have direct access to HR professionals in your industry through our “Industry Forums” to exchange relevant industry related HR practices.
    7. You will have access to our “HR Research & Publications” latest reports and publications based on national and international research data.
    8. You will have access to EHRMA’s “HR Resources” portal that will guide and enrich your HR practice within your organization.
    9. You can benefit from the interactions of the various “HR Functional Groups” addressing and sharing in depth best in class HR practices in selected verticals as: compensation & benefits – talent development – HRIS – performance management – legal framework, etc.
    10. You will benefit from EHRMA’s value-added offers presented regularly to our members.

The price for membership is $500.00 now.

Membership expires on December 31, 2024.

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